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RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. This acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. Just as the barcode or a magnetic strip provides a unique identification to an object, RFID device retrieves information by scanning through the RFID label/tag. RFID serves the same purpose as the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or bar codes on merchandise.

RFID works better than barcodes as they need not be positioned precisely relative to the scanner. In fact, RFID Device can work effectively within a few feet of the scanner, precisely, 20 feet. Though RFID technology has been around for the last 50 years, it is only recently that RFID tags are gaining momentum.

RFID Tags/Labels are also called RF tags and use a non-contact automatic identification technology. All RFID Tags/Labels have a unique electronic code, which is attached to the object to identify the target object. They are commonly known as RFID tags or smart labels.

Surerfid tag manufacturer is the best professional manufacturer. We are your most reliable and affordable RFID Tags/Labels supplier. These RFID tags/labels can be either passive RFID tags, semi-passive (also known as semi-active), or Active RFID Tags. According to the low and high frequency, they are divided LF(125khz), HF(13.56 MHz), UHF RFID Tags.

Surerfid is a brand name that evokes confidence and is counted as a top rated RFID tag manufacturer. All our RFID tags and RFID labels are produced and finished in China. This has helped us to maintain high quality and competitive price standards.

Surerfid offers a full line of RFID & NFC products for your business. We are a one-stop solution provider, who can help you save time and money. We believe we can help make your business smarter and your work easier with our technology innovations. We offer the most cost effective prices and offer more customising options and flexibility.

RFID technology finds wide application in various fields. It can be found in such areas -as animal micro RFID tags, access control RFID tag labels, airline baggage identification RFID labels, document tracking management, package RFID tracking labels, logistics management, automated production lines, materials management, and so on. Surerfid tag manufacturer supplies to many industrial fields with RFID tags and RF security field tags product. We are a professional manufacturer of a smart card. Our products are manufactured with strict quality control processes. This guarantees 100% QC at every step that is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

As high-quality RFID & NFC Card supplier, we are one of the most important suppliers for any business setup. You can trust Surerfid products. They come with a one year warranty and lifetime maintenance! Our company primarily provides OEM / ODM / CM services for RFID / NFC products such as Smart card, RFID Tags, RFID Wristbands, RFID Labels, RFID inlays, RFID Readers & other innovative RFID products.

Founded in 2008, Surerfid Technologies., LTD is a leading RFID & NFC products manufacturer located in Chinese special economic Zone-Shenzhen. Quality is life!

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  • Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

    Quality is life,As a professional manufacturer of smart card, Every Surerfid product is produced with Strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate,just contact us for a quick quote today!

    Strict quality control processes to keep the color difference,free sample to the world